The Crescents Keep Tavern

Located on Mateus in the Mist Ward 14 Plot 34

The Tavern

The Crescents Keep Tavern is home to the Keepers of The Twelve Adventuring Guild. Good food, good drinks, entertainment and a side a chance to earn a bit of coin can all be found within our walls.

The Glaives

The people of the world are lazy, and there is always coin to be made off of them! Odd jobs are easy money and we have the message place for you to pick them up...for a small percentage of course!

The Crescents Keep Tavern

Simple and Homey, The Crescent's Keep Tavern is the perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of Ul'dah. We have cold drinks, brews on tap and a few snacks to tide you over before you make your way home. While some of our staff might not be...overly friendly, we can at least promise that you love the food and drinks.

We offer live entertainment for events, cozy seating in the main tavern area and an exclusive VIP lounge for a more private experience.

The Crescent's Keep can been booked for events by contacting the Tavern Manager. Sahja Lihzeh in game or Nox#1816 on Discord

The Glaives

More info coming soon!

Sahja Lihzeh

Tavern Manager, fortune teller, cookie chef and all around cutie. If you need information she's your girl...just bring your pets for her to play with.

Fierah Masaga

Fierah Masaga is a red-headed, firecracker always looking for new adventures. She loves meeting new people and is eager to help any in need.

Watch out for those finger guns, though. Kapow!

Josh Corvus

He sometimes has trouble understanding boundaries, both in experiments and social situations, hence why he sticks to himself. Though he does try to at least be a bit friendly, be prepared to run if you ever hear the words: "I wonder what this does"

Tallin'ra Radeji

Easy-going tinkerer. Can fix anything you throw at him, and is willing to accept a drink or two as payment. Talks a bit weird, but the words are always kind if not slightly sarcastic.

Member TitleWebsite
Sahja LhizehTavern ManagerCarrd
Tallin'ra RadejiOfficerNone
Fierah MasagaOfficerNone
Josh CorvisOfficerNone
Ciro Juro MemberCarrd
Eris VermeilBartenderTwitter
Cemjra HyskarjsHead of SecurityCarrd
Rhal MeikenChefNone
Ardensoix AciermontMercenaryNone


Tavern Events are held every other Saturday from 7pm Est to 10pm Est. For information on events please see our Guilded calendar and feel free to join and RSVP.
Guilded Calendar