The Tavern

Comfortable and cozy, The Crescent's Keep Tavern is known for its signature drinks and eccentric staff. Pile into one of our plush booths and order up some home cooked comfort food and one of our signature drinks while you enjoy some live music.

Our top floor is reserved for more intimate gatherings while the basement floor is designed for larger parties. Both can be rented out and reserved!

Located on Mateus Mist Ward 14 Plot 34


We are looking to book YOU on our stage! If you're interested in showing off your barding skills please contact Sahja Priden in game or Purrito#1816 on discord.

Tavern Staff

Sahja Priden

Owner, manager, greeter. If you've been to our events there is a good chance this catte has been the face at the door to meet you! Come upstairs and say hello!

Muraco Priden

Head Chef and owner of Pride's Respite. Our menu is his creation and it's all fantastic. If you don't have food on your mind, why not book a session with him at his massage parlor and let him rub your worries away.

Eris Vermeil

Eccentric and ever fashionable, Eris has a handle on the bar. Have her mix up your favorite drinks and be sure to compliment her shoes...Just don't eat anything she offers to cook for you.

Cemjra Hyskarjs

Behind the bar and responsible for a number of our signature drinks. Cemi may look a little stern..and may be a little stern, but she's got an taste for new and exciting drinks. Have her whip something up custom! *She was definitely never a viera and if anyone says so they are lying.

Mikoto Shisui

No not that Mikoto, our very own soft spoken Raen who often heads up greeting at the door when Sahja isn't around.

Despina Redwyne

You know what they say about redheads? This flirty firecracker doesn't take it from anyone!...but if you're sweet to her she'll be sweet to you. One of our best dedicated servers, straight from Limsa... so you know she's got a little brawler in her.

Hye-Jin Cho

Formal to a fault, Hye-Jin is a lovely addition to our staff and serves as our floor manager. Fluent in hingan, worldly and a bombshell to boot. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STEAL FROM HER...please...we just got the stains out from last time.

Misago Diatou

Our second (and very lovely chef) Misa. She's a creative whiz in the kitchen....and seems to have a passion for bombs. She runs her own airship in her time when she's not cooking up some of the best food in eorzea.

Nova Mancer

Wait...does Nova work for us? I thought she just broke things?

Our sometimes greeter, always drunk, Hyur. Don't let on that you know she's not a Viera, it hurts her feelings when people question her ears.

Shion Naeuri

Helping out wherever we need her, this little Raen is just as spicy as the challenge named after her! Her time away from The Keep is spent dominating every fight ring she can get her little body into, seriously, she will take you out.

The Ghost of Social Distancing

The Ghost of Social Distancing

Some say he doesn't exist, some say he roams the halls of the keep jumping on tables and making squishy sounds.... A remnant of the plague, this ghost has your best interest at heart (maybe) and just wants you to remain safe and wear a mask. Give Caldor...cough I mean the ghost of social distancing a socially acceptable wave from 6ft away the next time you see him.

Upcoming Events

Tavern Night

Open Saturday December 5th 6-8PM CST
Open Saturday December 19th 6-8PM CST
Open Saturday January 2nd 6-8PM CST

Friday Night Maps - Every Friday 9 EST

Verminion Night's at Keep

Returning Soon

Hosted by our own Khuja'a Lihzeh, battle your minions on our stage for prizes!

Keep’s Verminion Rules:
• All participants are limited to a maximum of two (2) minions. You MUST inform Khuja’a of the minions you plan to use before the tournament. You do not have to use two if you don’t want to.

• You can only use one (1) minion per battle, but can switch before progressing to the next one.

• All minions will have a maximum of five (5) HP. Damage dealt will be determined by your /random roll. Since this is expected to be a long combat RP event, the following will determine how much damage is dealt:
0—100 = No damage is dealt.
101—599 = 1 HP is lost.
600—899= 2 HP is lost.
900—999= 3 HP is lost.

• It is recommended to prepare a list of attacks for your minion(s) beforehand, as thinking them up on the spot could result in taking a bit longer to respond. But that said, please do not feel rushed. The environment should be as fun and stress free as possible for everyone. All minions limited to 3-5 attacks.

• Anything goes, but keep it realistic. If you want a chocobo chick with the ability to cast Choco-Meteor, make sure that meteor is just a small rock on fire. Mainly, just make sure to not destroy all of Keep with the epic powers of destruction your minions have.

• Regarding how the turn system works, and how long a fight will last, both players will roll for initiative. The higher roll gets to attack first. Both players will only have 3 turns each to attack. By the end of the second player’s third turn, the minion with the most HP is the winner. In the event of a tie, the battle will be decided by a final roll between the two players.

Shion's Supernova Spice Gauntlet

Sahjas Cookies

What IS Shion's Supernova Spice Gauntlet?

A challenge to consume four different spicy sides of ascending heat levels, and one large spicy finale at the top! Can you reach the end?

One glass of milk will be provided, you can use it at ANY LEVEL to try again when you wuss out, but you only get ONE. After you use your freebie, you will be out of the challenge and welcome to try again on our next open night!

Anyone who completes this challenge will recieve a prize of 10,000 GIL and their picture forever in our HALL OF WINNERS.

If you would like to take part in this challenge, look for Shion Naeuri during our open hours

Level 1- Spicy Popoto Balls
Roll 200 or higher to proceed to the next round.
A set of Popoto Balls that have been seasoned with fine Ishgardian herbs and a sprinkling of black pepper.

Level 2 - Crimson Ash Tuna Rolls
Roll 300 or higher to proceed to the next round.
Fresh Ash Tuna which has been marinated in a crimson pepper sauce, and rolled into sushi form. Three bites.

Level 3 - Draconic Tempura Roll 400 or higher to proceed to the next round.
A set of fried shrimp tempura; the batter has been mixed with dragon peppers, hot enough to leave your mouth burning if you bite off more than you can chew.

Level 4 - Goodnight Mac & Cheese Bites
Roll 600 or higher to proceed to the next round.
Thick, gooey mac & cheese bites that have been fried with tender care; the cheese has mingled with the ever-threatening night pepper which will leave you wishing for an early death if unprepared.

Level 5 - Supernova Serpent Burger
Roll 800 or higher to complete the challenge and claim your prize!
A thick 2 ponze double beef burger with pickle, lettuce, a thick dripping cheese and a special house sauce made using only the hottest serpent peppers. Eat it if you dare.


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Interested in Joining?

Sahjas Cookies

Somehow you're not scared away? Neat! We're always looking to add to our ranks! Currently we are looking for:

The Crescents Keep Tavern:

Currently seeking Greeters, Servers and Bar Tenders to help out on Saturday Nights. We also have an opening occasionally for ENTERTAINERS for our stage. Contact Sahja Priden or Muraco Priden for information about tavern positions.

Join us on our Discord

FC Lead is Sahja Priden. Officers for recruitment are Muraco Priden, Nova Mancer and Eris Vermeil all on Mateus.